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Stories of the Cross - September 2019

A source of bonding

A person who was very dear member of First Church had just passed away.  It was a difficult time for everyone, including the family of the deceased.  At the funeral, the church member handed out crosses the close family in attendance, hoping to provide some kind of comfort at such a moment.  During everyone’s time of need, it was something to cling to and be reminded of God’s grace. 

However, there was more to it than each individual holding the small wooden cross.  It was that they were all doing it together at the same time.  They could all bond with each other, praying simultaneously, for the soul that was now with Jesus.  It is His love that binds us together as one body of Christ, and with everyone holding a symbol of that love, the passing of a dear person can be a bit more bearable.

These stories of the cross are documented from true experiences related to a mission of First Church Congregational. We invite you to make your own experience through the simple act of sharing part of our faith through the cross. If you find a moment where they have made an impact on yourself or others, we invite you to share it with us anonymously. Please contact Josh Ferry for more information.

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