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Stories of the Cross - January 2021

A source of gratitude

Several weeks ago, a nurse was reviewing their morning lists for things that I keep track of. Different tasks to perform… various duties to fulfill, and a list of patients to see at the local hospital. Suddenly, she recognized a name from a ways back. A dear friend and coworker of her mother's! They worked together for many years at an insurance company. She had met her a few times at the lake when she was visiting with her mother after they retired.

The nurse dropped by her room- all decked out in hat and mask. “You probably don't remember me...” the nurse started to say and she stopped her right away.

"I know exactly who you are. You're my good friend’s daughter!”

She couldn't believe she would remember her, at 94 years old, especially all covered up with personal protective gear. They had a wonderful conversation remembering 'old times' and it's always nice to see anyone that remembers your parents. She had been living in an assisted living facility and told me how isolating and lonely it was the past several months. The nurse had a cross in her pocket and offered it to her. Her eyes filled up. “You are so much like your mother”, she said, which is probably the highest compliment you can give her. The nurse checked on her a few days later and she had been discharged. She tries not to pass up chances to see people she knows in the hospital - You never know when they will be gone.

Last week, looking through the paper, she saw her obituary. She is still so grateful to have seen her and shared so many happy memories one last time.


These stories of the cross are documented from true experiences related to a mission of First Church Congregational. We invite you to make your own experience through the simple act of sharing part of our faith through the cross. If you find a moment where they have made an impact on yourself or others, we invite you to share it with us anonymously. Please contact Josh Ferry for more information.

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