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High School students are given the opportunity to be confirmed at First Church. 


This class articulates several elements that are central to our understanding of Confirmation, including:

  • We are all on a journey. Confirmation is an opportunity for each youth to choose his/her own spiritual path. Our faith is an ongoing experience.

  • To engage in conversations about faith, we need to be mature enough to talk about hard things without being mean or disrespectful.

  • We all need mentors. Confirmation is an opportunity where youth seek to grow in an adult friendship with someone in the church. They each choose a mentor.

  • Our faith is reflected in our commitment to mission, service and action. Confirmation is  an opportunity to explore this experience.

On May 5, 2019, 9 teens ranging from 15-18 years of age were Confirmed.

Here is an excerpt from "Getting Parsonal" by Rev. Bill Ingraham where he discusses this Confirmation Class.

"It’s been a full and busy year for the class. From October through March the class met twice monthly, meeting three times in the month of April. The only exception was December, which we set aside for service, with each confirmand serving in our weekly Neighbors in Need food pantry at least once. We’ve read the Bible, talked about the history of Christianity, discussed worship and the sacraments from multiple angles, and have learned about the church year and the meaning of our special holidays. We’ve played games, had competitions, and have done role play wearing construction paper “costumes.” We have considered various aspects and understanding of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and what it means to follow Jesus, walking in his ways. We have discussed service and personal sacrifice as an essential part of the Christian life. We talked about faith and community as a source of hope and help to see us through the hard times, and the need for us to take an active role in caring for Fone another. We’ve discussed various world religions and other expressions of Christianity. The class ended with each student writing their own, personal faith statement, known as a Credo (which means, “I believe”)." ~ Rev. Bill Ingraham

Enter to Worship – Depart to Serve

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