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Stories of the Cross - September 2020

A Source of Comfort

It’s never fun sitting in the doctor’s office, especially at Christmas. One parishioner was having their labs drawn for a myriad of tests. Even though this was just routine checkup, one can’t help but to worry a bit. Luckily, she had her comfort cross providing what she needed at the time – comfort!

The lab tech noticed it in her hand, and she especially liked the heart. The tech told her a friend of hers had a recent loss, and they were told to light a white candle. She said it helps guide the person who has died so they can offer comfort to the person left behind. The church member told the tech that she had an extra cross and gave it to her. The tech was overcome with emotion and they wished each other a blessed Christmas.

They honestly do not know what it is about the cross. If it strengthens by faith, or lets us know we really do have faith. Is it the wood? Is it the heart? Is it because we hold it close and use it as a security blanket? Is it the fact that each one was made and hand finished by a member of our church? We do not have the answers. We only know how each of us is drawn to the wood – the smoothness, ridges, and the way it feels in our hands. …and of course, the comfort it brings.

These stories of the cross are documented from true experiences related to a mission of First Church Congregational. We invite you to make your own experience through the simple act of sharing part of our faith through the cross. If you find a moment where they have made an impact on yourself or others, we invite you to share it with us anonymously. Please contact Josh Ferry for more information.

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