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Stories of the Cross - July 2020

A source of beauty

                A member of First Church went to see an ailing aunt and uncle at their home.  It was important to see them, as her uncle’s health was failing.  Wearing her First Church cross necklace as she usually did, she was welcomed at the door.

                “I like your necklace – where did you get it?” her aunt asked

                “Our church makes them.  We make these too”, and the member handed her a one of the larger wooden crosses.  “People in our congregation give them away to whoever wants or needs them free of charge. We call them ‘comfort crosses.’”

                To the member’s amazement, her aunt actually had a collection of crosses.  Tucked in a curio cabinet was a beautiful array of various crosses of different sizes, shapes, and origins.  It was a lovely sight to see.  Immediately, her aunt opened up the cabinet door and placed it right in front. 

                “There…  now I can see it every day, and think of you!” her aunt said, with a tear of joy in her eye.


These stories of the cross are documented from true experiences related to a mission of First Church Congregational.  We invite you to make your own experience through the simple act of sharing part of our faith through the cross.  If you find a moment where they have made an impact on yourself or others, we invite you to share it with us anonymously.  Please contact Josh Ferry for more information.

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