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Stories of the Cross - August 2019

A Source of Connection

A member of our church had just finished up a sales call in rural New Hampshire, and, as he was walking out of the customer’s office, a pair of nuns were walking in. This took him completely off guard, seeing the nature of his business and the location he was at. He gave them a big smile and said “hi,” as he was walking out. With business in hand, he went back to his vehicle, pulled out a laptop, and entered notes about customer meeting.

As he was typing, the nuns returned and walked up to the truck. He rolled down the window, and one of them handed over a little charm with the Virgin Mary on it. “This is a good luck charm - keep it with you.”

“Thank you!” he said, and they started walking away. Just then he remembered that he had one of the First Church crosses with him. Closing up the laptop, he grabbed it from the truck’s center console, and handed it over to one of them. “This is a comfort cross for you.”

The nun receiving it said “Well… it certainly is comfortable,” as she felt the shape of the wood in her hand. Then he said “God bless” to them as they did to him, and they parted ways.

We are all on our individual faith journeys – some quite obvious and some not so apparent. However, a symbol of our life with Jesus is a way that all of us can connect no matter which symbol it is. It is this connection that we can all cherish – whether it be a cross, and icon, or a simple prayer – that truly unites us as one body under God.

These stories of the cross are documented from true experiences related to a mission of First Church Congregational. We invite you to make your own experience through the simple act of sharing part of our faith through the cross. If you find a moment where they have made an impact on yourself or others, we invite you to share it with us anonymously. Please contact Josh Ferry for more information.

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