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Stewardship - August 2020

Spreading joy, friendship and compassion is a cornerstone of First Church. We have seen this time and time again during weekly worship services and committee meetings, baptisms, weddings, confirmations, funerals and now we are experiencing the goodness within our Church family as we navigate through this pandemic. As we muddle through from day to day, we have individually, collectively and as a Church body, have had opportunities to spring into action to “be the light” and share ourselves wherever it was needed. Like all of you, I have been trying to “be the light” for others both within our church family and in the broader community. Being the light and sharing what I can has helped me get through the past few months. That means helping out and volunteering, reaching out to others, and giving financially.

Although we aren’t actually seated in the church, we still are the church and like our responsibilities and commitments to each other, we share the same responsibilities and commitments for our Church building. Even though the doors remain closed, we continue to go out into the world and “be the light” for others in extraordinary ways. You have probably done some shopping, baking, visiting, note writing, sewing, knitting, volunteering or praying for others. But did you know that you have also been the recipient of all those kind gestures?

Even while we are spreading light throughout our community, we continue to incur expenses. Our monthly electronic giving pledges have continued to keep us afloat. As we enter into the billing cycle for late summer and early fall, the best way for our Church to remain stable is for you to continue to be that light of hope and kindness, and also for you to share your financial support if possible. We continue to make deposits every week and if you are able and not already committed to e-giving, there are several ways to continue your pledging. You can put a check in the mail. You can click the donate button on our facebook page by going to then select More, then select Ways to Donate. You can also use a phone app called Vanco Give Plus. Download the app onto your phone, search for our church (it falls under First Church Congregation) and then set up your profile and method of payment (you only need to set this up once). Finally, if you would like to change your pledge to an e-giving pledge you can contact the church office and ask for a form to be mailed to your house.

As I reflect upon the image above, and think about First Church I am reminded that the light that shines from all of us and from within the doors of First Church has always been one of humanity and of hope. During this time of uncertainty let us continue to be the light to those we meet and for those in need.

Stewardship Ministry Team: Kim Valcourt - chairperson, Rev. Bill Ingraham, Ken Peck, Marilyn Peck, Robyn Sliney and Glenn Sprague

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