For the very young, First Church Congregational offer a pre-nursery room for children up to age 4.

For older children, we offer lesson instruction for ages 4-18.  Our weekly lessons for our youth are based on relating today’s issues to the lessons that Jesus is teaching us from the bible. Each lesson focuses on a Scripture Reading, a relatable story, prayer and a craft, cooking opportunity, or drama relating to the weeks lesson. On the first Sunday of the month the children to go back into service and join the congregation for Holy Communion.

Christian Education is led by our certified Christian Education Director and Senior Minister.  The curriculum is a lectionary, story based curriculum that is aligned with the weekly sermons. A variety of different resources are used, and some of the most popular have been the use of movies as a backdrop for the lessons.  Along with the weekly lessons, each week the grade level teachers are also given a variety of activities to choose from that correspond with the lessons and that are most appropriate for their classes. The activities incorporate the use of the five senses so that all learners will be engaged.

For all children, we have specialized Christian education for those with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental and emotional needs.  Additionally, several of the Sunday school teachers are also public school certified teachers, and they can meet the varying needs of the congregation.

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